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Last time online Oct 22nd 2021, Odessa,Ukr 24 y.oNov 13, 1996

I would like to communicate with a man of age: 30 - 80

About Me

What can I say about myself? I have 2 university degrees and I am intelligent woman. I work in different walks of life, I am a manager for a national gas company and also have my own architecture and interior design business. I am also engaged in advertising activities as a model. I write poetry about my life and my feelings and love music. I am a sociable, cheerful, active girl from Odessa. I have a strong, formed, strong-willed character. I always know what I want from life, and I am not indifferent to the people who surround me. I am an aesthete by nature, therefore I love the beauty around me, and the contemplation of beauty evokes pleasure in my heart. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I take care of my internal and external health and I think that this is interconnected.

My Hobbies

I like psychology, yoga, traveling, learning foreign languages, self-development. I adore drawing. I love to study foreign cultures and religions. I travel a lot and was already in Paris, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Naples, Porto, Stockholm, Zurich, Geneva, Bergen, Prague and many other cities in Europe, Sri Lanka, Thailand and other countries in Asia and dream of exploring America and Africa. Are you with me? My hobby is cooking. I always find some tips on how to cook something delicious. In the evening I like to read an interesting book, drink hot green tea with honey. I prefer to read historical novels. What else? Fashion and art. I care about my health a lot and I hope to find a man who will be the same. I want us to be healthy and happy, so we need to be active. What is your favorite kind of sport? Will you share your interests with me?

About a man I am searching for

I want to meet a purposeful person who has an active life position. I see my man as a person who is strong in spirit. This is a person who is confident and emotionally stable. I would like my man to have a good sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. He must know, be able and have a desire to provide for his family, to be the real head of the family. It is always pleasant for a girl to accept the courtship and care of a loving man. To such a man, I will give all my tenderness, kindness and passion.

Briefly about me

Favorite music styleI like classical music.About sportI like swimming, tennis.Do you like roses ?Yes, I like roses.What color of roses do you prefer ?I prefer red ones.What colour do you prefer in your clothes ?They are different, it all depends on the occasion, situation and style.Which places have you been ?I have been to France (Paris), Austria (Vienna), Italy (Venice, Rome), Portugal (Porto), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva), Norway (Bergen), Czech Republic (Prague), Sri Lanka, ThailandMy favorite cuisineMy favorite cuisine is Ukrainian.Do you believe in good fortune ?Yes, I believe.How do you prefer to spend your spare time, actively or quietly ?I prefer to spend my spare time actively.What trait of your character would you like to change (if any) ?I do not want to change anything.What is your favorite dish to cook ?I like to cook borscht.Do you like cooking ?Yes, I like cooking.Are willing to relocate to another country ?Yes, I am willing.
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