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Anti scam advices and statements

The internet dating service is a convenient and easy way to find a partner, but there is a potential danger in it. The danger is a scam. A scam is getting somebody's money by deceit. You should know that we have an anti-scam program where we inform all Western men of the scammers. There you can find our blacklist where we put ladies who have been already involved in scam scandals. If you want to get more information about each scammer (her contact information, the reasons why she was put on the blacklist, just click on read more next to the picture. If you have been scammed on our site, please, report to us about it providing proof (it can be copies of Western Union receipts proving that the money was sent). You can do it through filling in a special form on Anti-Scam.org. WE RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO SEND MONEY! Any dating agency can face the problem because of scammers, that is why we took all preventive measures to secure Western men against scammers. So, when a lady joins the marriage agency, the manager of the agency checks her passport (it is also obligatory for all our branch agencies to check a lady's information: her name, her age, the date of her birth, her marital status and if she has any children). Further, when a lady starts corresponding and receives replies from men, the agency (translators and operators) check ANY requests about money. If we see that a lady requests money from men except covering her travel expenses, the lady's profile will be removed from our database immediately. We acknowledge that such problems can happen, but we are trying to fight scams. Be aware that a scam can be done in the Net by any individuals or agencies. We are a serious agency and we realize that if we want our business to flourish, we should work honestly. We also advise you to visit our anti-scam website where we warn all Western men against falling into a trap set by a beautiful, well-endowed scammer. You should know that the photos used by the scammers belong to other people. The same photos are often used under many names. Be careful if such a busty lady asks you for money saying that her mom or her granny is seriously ill. We advise you not to tell about your financial income and avoid mentioning any subjects about money at all. Asking for money is forbidden on our service, but men can cover all the woman's travel expenses if you both have decided to meet somewhere else, not in her hometown. But before sending her the amount of money, you need to contact the agency to know the real cost of the ticket and the easiest way to get to your destination (train, plane or bus). You can send the money to the agency and we will get tickets for the lady and provide any proofs you may need (like scan-copies of the tickets where you will see the price, train/flight number, date, etc.) We do all in our power to prevent such things and to help you to meet an honest and sincere lady.


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