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• The first of all you need to get account(you can sign in here) • You purchase conventional CREDITS here and put them to your account. A CREDIT is deducted from your account when you send an e-mail or when you open a reply from a mail order bride in your mailbox. Reply from a woman to your Inquiry note - yes or no - is FREE. Remember that you can view the profile of the woman who sent you a message before deciding to open an e-mail, so there is no risk since there is NO CHARGE to you until you actually open a message.

Most reliable and quick way to contact a Russian mail order bride from our catalog is to send her a letter using our e-mail forwarding services. Your letter arrives right to the local marriage agency where your chosen Russian girl is listed; then your letter is translated into Russian, and the local marriage agency staff calls your Russian mail order bride to come and pick up a letter from you. Since we have offices in all the cities where Russian brides in our catalog live, your chosen woman receives your correspondence much quicker than if you sent it by post. Using our e-mail forwarding service will save you months of time in your communication with all mail order brides on our website.

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